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Why go to Scotland when there is one at your backyard? Scenic beauty of Shola Grasslands at Kudremukh in karanataka

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Upasana Retreat - Nature Trails - Western Ghats Wild Photography


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Around Upasana Retreat, you can visit the picturesque Shola Forests to experience rare species of flora and fauna, one of the best ecosystems of Southern India.

Birds: Whistling thrushes, Minivets, Mountain Imperial Pigeons, Fairy Bluebirds, Woodpeckers, Sunbirds, Yellow Browed Bulbul, Malabar Parakeets and Crested Goshawks.

Animals: A diverse assemblage of endangered large mammals is found in the park supporting three large mammal predator species, Tiger, Leopard and Wild Dogs. The important Tiger prey base found within the Park is Gaur,Sambar,Wild Pig, Muntjac, Chevrotain, Bonnet Macaque, Bison Common Langur and the Lion Tailed Macaque.

Mountain Trekking

The picturesque mountains around Upasana Retreat provide a number of beautiful walks and trekking routes for the adventurous minded. The hills have several mountain streams cutting across the valleys and an abundant variety of plant and insect life, several of which are yet to be scientifically documented.
The hosts of the Upasana Retreat center would occasionally accompany their guests across beautiful treks to places very little frequented by man. We can arrange local guides, who would take you away from the usual paths and show you areas of the mountains and forest, rarely seen by others. Vehicles for one hour to one day treks as per your requirement can be made available as well for a reasonable fee.
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Rural Visits

Samse is a beautiful village situated in the lap of the Western Ghats. In spite of lack of means, the crime rate is zero here, and there is no local police station. This is one of the few places in India where you won’t find a single beggar. You could visit the rural surroundings around Upasana Retreat to study the basic and simple life that people lead here. A morning walk to a nearby water falls is a “must do” activity while at Upasana Retreat to experience the sheer bliss of the nature, sound of cascading water and tweet of the birds, in the middle of forest with pure breath of air.

Upasana Retreat - Nature Trails - Samse Village
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